Pathways Class

God has designed us to know and experience His love, to connect with Him. But how do we do that?


We all need help, from time to time, along the way as we strive to live faithfully for God. The Pathways Class is designed to help you learn to navigate our Discipleship Pathway, and to discover your own Spiritual Pathway. 

In the Pathways Class you will learn about our Discipleship Pathway. It will give you navigation-points, or stepping-stones, to aid you as you learn more about God, what He has called you to, and how you can play a part in making our world a better place.

You will also learn how to discover your own unique way of connecting with God in our Spiritual Pathway component. A spiritual pathway is how you personally connect with God and grow in faith in Him as you live out the Faith in community with others. It is a look into how God has wired and created each of us, and will give you what you need to begin your journey with God, or continue it with greater purpose and meaning.

This class is designed for those who choose our church as their church home, those who choose to follow Jesus through baptism while attending our church, as well as for those who would like to discover God even more for their own life. 

Register for the class by completing the form below. You will be notified the next time the class is offered. We generally offer it four times a year. It meets on a Sunday evening for three hours, and includes a meal. Childcare is provided upon request.

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