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The natural state of our universe is a continual progression toward inactivity. There is pressure in Christianity to move in that same direction. The book of James challenges believers to an Unyielding faith that doesn’t give way to that pressure, but instead is continually active. Believers are to be Unyielding in living Christian ethics, Unyielding in trusting in God, Unyielding in putting their faith into action. This Unyielding faith is a sign of the reality of ones’ faith; both to the believer, as well as to the watching world. Is your faith Unyielding?

God never intended for Christians to go it alone, but to do life together. He created the church to be a support-system of mutual encouragement and service to one another that puts on display God's love for the world to see.

Have you ever stood outside at night and looked up at the vast sky? When we consider the sheer magnitude of our universe, and our life on our tiny planet, it can make you wonder what it’s all about.

God is much bigger than the best of our words could ever explain. However, He has revealed His character for us to be able to get to know Him better. This series looks closer at His attributes to discover more of what He’s really like.

Every year kids make Christmas lists of things they would like. Then, as the gifts begin piling up under the tree, their expectation level increases. Wonder fills their hearts and minds as they anticipate what might be inside each meticulously wrapped gift.

Christmas is still a time for anticipation as we learn more about the gift God has given us in Jesus.

God is greater than all we may ever face in life. Paul, writing to the church in ancient Philippi helped the Christians there to discover this reality.

When a building is constructed the builders use a blueprint to show them what needs to be done. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blueprint for life? Following through the book of Acts we discover God’s blueprint for His church, and for life.


As Jesus called His disciples He told them to follow Him. He then went on to teach them what the Christian life is supposed to look like by demonstrating it, and by teaching about it.

Christmas is a time of wonder and excitement. Christmas trees, lights, candlelight services, and kids unwrapping gifts. But have we forgotten the wonder that is Christmas?

Inspired by the book by the same name by Thom Rainer, this series takes a look at what church membership is really about.