Shining Like Angels

The church in Acts continued growing through their growing-pains. The Apostles appointed seven men to help with those growing-pains, and one stood out among the rest: Stephen. Stephen was a man who was full of God's grace and power, as well as wisdom and the Holy Spirit. As opposition arose against him and he, too, found himself arrested for teaching others about Jesus, he stood faithfully for God. Luke records that those who were present for Stephen's mock trial saw that his face shined like that of an angel. What does a life lived for God look like who would result in their face shining like an Angel?

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Obeying, No Matter the Cost

The Apostles found themselves in trouble once more because they were teaching about Jesus. Thrown in jail by the religious leaders, released by an angel that night and told to back to the Temple the next day and continue telling others about Jesus, then arrested again, the Apostles were threatened once more. When they replied the same way they had in their last encounter with the religious leaders, that they must obey God rather than anything else, the religious leaders became even more upset. In the end the Apostles were flogged and let go with another warning to stop teaching about Jesus. God has given all believers the requirement of sharing His message through both our words, and our own life lived for God. We must obey God, no matter the cost.

Showing Jesus

Peter and John amazed the Jewish leaders of their day because they were ordinary men, but did extraordinary things. How did they do these things? Because they had spent time with Jesus.

Today as we spend time with Jesus, we will be changed. Our life will show all that we have spent time with Jesus.

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Speaking their Language

God's love for humanity has been on display since the beginning of time. Even though we have been running from Him, He is still pursuing us. Acts teaches us that God is enlisting people to be part of that pursuit, and nothing will or can stop Him. God utilizes those who claim Him as theirs to fulfill His mission of winning humanity over. 

As we watch our world appear to spiral out of control, God continually reminds us that He is still present and active around and in us. God equips His people with everything they need to help them to give people something to live for, not just something to live on. He equips us to speak the language of those He places in our life so they, too, can know that God loves them; even those far from Him.

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